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RAY Academy Trust


RAY Academy Trust

Supporting other schools

Supporting others


We believe that schools which support and work for each other provide a culture and learning environment for all pupils to thrive. This is what we have achieved with our two schools that are very different yet both highly successful.


At the core of our work is a belief that all children have huge potential for learning and achievement if given the right opportunity. This opportunity is provided by highly skilled professional teachers, capable of taking a broad, balanced and interesting curriculum and making it come alive for their pupils.


For sustainable success there must be continuous improvement in pupil learning and achievement. This is realised through continuous review of the inter-dependant key elements of institutional development:

Creating purpose

Instilling values

Highly successful professional development

Highly supportive pastoral policy and processes

High quality learning policy and practice

Broad balanced curriculum

Effective administration, policy and processes


We achieve sustainability not by focusing on the organisation but on the experiences of our children. Our pupils come first.


We support our schools with continuous review through our governance processes. This includes a Leadership Board consisting of our two executive leaders and headteachers. The modus operandum is ‘challenging co-operation’ – challenge and support go hand in hand. The consistent monitoring of present and possible ways of working ensure continuous improvement is achievable.


We have the capacity to help schools that have hit a bump in the road and are struggling. We can do this by providing strong fair governance and ensuring continuous institutional review. We can also provide quick fixes for issues to ensure rapid improvement whilst supporting long term sustainability. Our trust leaders and middle leaders have proven successful experience of assisting schools in challenging circumstances.


To discuss working with us please contact Matt Hanks CEO