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RAY Academy Trust


RAY Academy Trust

About Us


RAY Multi Academy Trust was born out of the partnership work between Roger Ascham Primary School and Yardley Primary School. Both were highly successful single academy schools that focused relentlessly on the core business of continuously improving pupil learning. RAY MAT has this same focus.


Whilst structuring all its work around continuously improving pupil learning and outcomes RAY MAT values school cultural differences. It does not expect its school to be clones. Rather it supports them in maintaining or changing working practices that maximises the potential for success.



High achievement for all pupils is their entitlement. We ensure their academic success and opportunities to achieve in sports and creative and expressive arts. We encourage every child to value their learning and to be the best they can be. We enable children to understand the value of making a contribution.


We equip children with the resilience to deal positively with challenge and set-backs. We provide pupils with a safe, fit for purpose and inspiring learning environment that clearly reflects how we value their learning and contributions.


As an employer we value professional development and provide opportunity for personal growth. 


We work to retain and develop the character and ethos of individual schools; we value these over generic branding.


We develop the capacity within our own schools to help other schools. We recognise that doing so is an obligation – extending to others the opportunities available to children within our trust. We seek to identify new partners: those who share the same values and those who require support.


Our mission is to provide the best possible governance to allow pupils, staff, schools and local communities to thrive within an ethos of openness, fairness, honesty, commitment and drive


Learning, teaching and assessment strategy

The Trust has learning policy that sets out how it believes learners’ learn and schools take these policy into consideration when designing the curriculum and lessons. Reviews of policy and practice are carried out with collaborative support across the trust. Like any policy the learning policy is adapted over time with the adoption of proven improved practice and in light of sound research.


The trust recognises that learning and teaching takes place in many forms and does not dictate an approach. It does, however, expect pupils to progress very well and achieve highly – it is pupil success that illustrates successful teaching. All staff are expected to engage actively with continued professional development. Collaborative development opportunities are a key feature of the trust’s work.


Quality assessment and analysis of outcomes is essential to high achievement and attainment. All schools have formative Assessment for Learning practices firmly embedded and a summative assessment system that can illustrate individual pupil and group progress on a termly basis. Individual schools and the Trust use data to ensure pupil progress and the success of the schools and trust.


Objectives 2018-21

  • Develop a communities of practice approach to teachers’ continued professional development
  • Continue the development and implementation of a structured leadership learning strategy
  • Continue the development and implementation of the teacher learning strategy
  • Develop the learning policy and teacher practice to enhance pupils thinking skills
  • Develop and implement a trust wide recruitment and retention policy
  • Roger Ascham returning from Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ status and Yardley retaining ‘Outstanding’ status
  • Expand the number of schools supported by the trust