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Our Curriculum



Our vision can only be realised with an outstanding curriculum. An outstanding curriculum is embedded within and contributes to an outstanding learning environment. Whilst we do not expect or want our schools to have exactly the same curriculum, there are principles upon which their curriculum must be built and quality measures that must be met.


The principles upon which each RAY MAT schools base their curriculum


  • The curriculum must enable high academic and thinking ability, high physical ability, high social skills and sound mental wellbeing. To this end, the curriculum must be broad and balanced.
  • The curriculum must encompass the national curriculum coupled with additional areas of learning to ensure the breadth and depth required to enable the development of the whole person.
  • The curriculum must promote active learning and encourage pupils to be self-regulated learners.
  • Each area of the curriculum must have a continuum – a progression of ideas, concepts and content to be experienced. These schemes of work are segmented into sequenced units of work that clearly outline language, concepts and skills to taught, and through what means. Associated to each unit is an assessment tool – Statement of Achievement – that involves self, peer and teacher assessment. Such assessment must enable pupils to recognise and celebrate what they can do well and illuminate for them the next step in their learning.
  • The core curriculum of English and mathematics must enable differentiated teaching and learning.


The curriculum in our schools meet these standards. Schemes of work and units of work are used by our highly skilled teachers to plan their lessons. The Key Principle is for every child to take the greatest next step in their learning as soon as they can – it is expected they can do and will do. 


Curriculum Intent – each school has its own curriculum intent, progression and schemes of work. Where this is lacking the trust provides a high quality curriculum that can be supported through its executive capacity whilst a school adapts or produces their own.


Curriculum Implementation – the Trust’s learning policy sets out how it believes learners learn. It forms the basis of how our teachers teach. We have a continuous coaching model to ensure continued professional development of our teaching staff. This ensures we have high quality teaching in every class. We expect pupils to progress very well and achieve highly – it is pupil success that illustrates successful teaching. 


Quality assessment and analysis of outcomes is essential to high achievement and attainment. Our schools have formative Assessment for Learning practices firmly embedded and a summative assessment system that illustrate individual pupil and group progress on a termly basis


Impact – pupil outcomes are dependent on intent and implementation. Our schools consistently perform significantly above national and local averages in terms of academic achievement. Our pupils also demonstrate success in sports and performing arts.