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RAY Academy Trust


RAY Academy Trust


Learning, teaching and assessment strategy

The trust has a key learning policy that sets out how it believes learners learn and schools follow this policy when designing the curriculum and lessons. Reviews of policy and practice are carried out with collaborative support across the trust. Like any policy the learning policy is reviewed regularly with the adoption of proven improved practice and in light of sound research.


The trust recognises that learning and teaching takes place in many forms and does not dictate an approach. It does, however, expect pupils to progress very well and achieve highly – it is pupil success that illustrates successful teaching. All staff are expected to engage actively with continued professional development. Collaborative development opportunities are a key feature of the trust’s work.


Quality assessment and analysis of outcomes is essential to high achievement and attainment. All schools have formative Assessment for Learning practices firmly embedded and a summative assessment system that can illustrate individual pupil and group progress on a termly basis. Individual schools and the Trust use data to ensure pupil progress and the success of the schools and trust.